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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Want.

I buy The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. It would be fun to find it at a thrift store.

I also really want some authentic camouflage Army pants that I will cut into capris. I saw Pharrell Williams wear them in his video Sooner or Later and it was a really good look, then again it was Skateboard P, everything looks good on him. Then the other day I saw a dorky white guy wearing some and he looked good, now I want them for sure. Aubrey, Atticus and I went to the Savers in Boise yesterday because Monday is 99 cent day. They had two pairs of Army pants, one pair looked too big, the other too small. The line for the fitting room was obnoxious so I never got the chance to try them on. I did find a sweet pair of old beat up Levis though.

I still want those Era 45 Fixed Gear Vans, I found one site that still has my size. Maybe when we get some money I will purchase them.

I have wanted some black Chuck Taylors for some time now but I always assumed they were like 20 bucks. I am not willing to buy them until I can find a place that sells them for 20 bucks. Aubrey promises me that Fred Meyer has shoe sales often and sells them.

Also I want a pair of tan Carhartt jeans to go with the Chuck Taylors. Aubrey says this is a new look, I keep picturing it in my head, I think I would like it.

I want some Stussy shirts, I found a website with them on sale for only 10 bucks.

I read The Race Myth by Joseph Graves. It is a good book, everyone should understand that races don't exist in the human species, only ethnicity. I also read The Know it All by A.J. Jacobs, it was ok, he tries to be funny but rarely is. He also comes off as being pretentious, his other book about the Bible was interesting though. Anyways today I started reading Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman, he is an excellent author who usually writes non-fiction about pop culture. He has a book called Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs that is excellent! Anyways the one I am reading now is his only fiction book and I am stoked for it, I have only gotten a few chapters in.

On days that Aubrey works after I get the house cleaned and if the children and puppy are sleeping I have been watching Seinfield. Hahha good stuff, I skip over the ones I have seen thousands of times, but there are some funny ones.

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  1. walmart has imitation chucks for 10 bucks. looks and feels the same, it just doesn't have the converse logo.