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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rainy Today.

I bought Origin of Species today from Barnes and Noble online for two dollars. Also I found a pair of camo pants at the St. Vincents in Meridian but then I cut them too short so now they just look like a pair of shorts instead of a pair of capris. Oh well, I only spent three dollars on them. Maybe I will try again if I come across some more. Also someone anonymously named 'f' informed me of some Chuck Taylor knock offs at Wal-Mart, so I will check those out.

I did two more surveys, one to Wal-Mart to win $1000 and one to Dr. Pepper to win a 2010 Camaro, no Camaro but still waiting to hear about the $1000. Off the top of my head that is about 14, 15? surveys I have done and it has yet to be a month since I started this whole survey/contest thing.

Also, for sometime now Aubrey and I have been watching the O.C. It was her turn to pick a televison series to watch and she picked the O.C. After making her sit through seasons of Seinfield I thought I would give it a try. The library had all four seasons. I really got into it right off the bat. It is something where you can't wait to see what happens next, and they play some good music too. We just finished the third season and we are waiting for the fourth and final season to be ready to be picked up. I also pretty excited to say the least.

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