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Monday, September 7, 2009

Don't Wear White...

I decided to not do any homework today seeing as it is Labor Day.

It was 50% off everything at the Boise Savers today so Aubrey and I went and IT WAS CRAZY! Aubreys friend, Susan, got their at 7am and was still there when we got there at 10 waiting in line for the changing room. Aubrey found some really cute boots she found, they are super cute and look like something she would buy. She found plenty of cute things, I had only one thing on my mind to find there such luck. I did find a good book, Tuesdays With Morrie, and a pair of corduroys, but they were too big when I finally tried them on at home.

Aubrey is in debate this semester, she is super stoked about it, and her debate coach invited the class to her huge and very beautiful house in Middleton. We got a sitter and went and ate some delicious home made beef, chicken, and veggies. Her class is super cool, and her coach is such a friendly lady.

I decided to start a Facebook.

I am in love with my BlackBerry. Aubrey and I both have them, with the full BlackBerry package, luckly with a deal. They are quite amazing phones. Outside of what they do on their own I have been downloading apps like crazy. I have only downloaded ones that are free with no monthly fee. I got that Shazam that you have all seen for the iPhone that recognizes songs, in about 5 seconds, I got Pandora, it recommends artist to me while it plays their songs, Google Maps which is basically a navigation tool on there, a quick twitter app, tons of them. An Amazon app that allows you to take a picture of a product and with in seconds it tells you what the product is, its sale prices, and customer reviews. I will use this a lot when buying used books, it will be nice to see reviews about it before I buy it. Sometimes I will also buy a used book for say, two dollars, get home and see it on sale used on for 1 cent. Literally, that happens often, then I read the book and it is horrible. Supply and demand. Its hard to explain all the greatness of a BlackBerry when you have never used one. I highly recommend getting one. It is not all that expensive to get the internet package on one, just an extra $30 a month. With that is unlimited texting, emails, internet, downloading, everything.

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  1. Your cousin Chris loves his Blackberry too!