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Friday, October 30, 2009

Dat Toad.

I remember when Atticus, who we now call Toad, was born.

Weeks in advance Aubrey kept saying that the baby would be born on September the twenty ninth. Her due date was late/middle October but she had this feeling, somehow, and she knew that baby was coming on the twenty ninth for some random reason. Even with Aubreys superstition about Atticus' early birthday predicted by her I didn't take the day much different when it came. I went to work that day early in the morning just like normal. When really I should have seen something in her predictions and made sure I was able to get up and go at any moment, maybe stay home even. Instead I left all communication and went inside the 'blaster' at work. The 'blaster' was a large metal shed with no windows and inside was a gun if you will, that shoots sand out from a large tub. I do not remember how much sand it puts out, but it is enough to rip your skin clean off, we know that because it happened. Needless to say it is loud in there. On top of that you wear ear plugs, and a large safety outfit that is hard to get in and out of. Clearly I made a bad choice in being reachable were my wife to call and say she was in labor. It did happen. While I was secluded in there, on the 29th, half a month early, like she had so randomly predicted.

I had rode my bike to work that day but not nearly as fast as I rode it back home from work. Aubrey was already at the hospital, courtesy of her mother. I drove there, hating traffic the entire way. I arrived just in time to see Aubrey before she was getting prepped and wheeled down the hall into the emergency room. Twenty minutes later I was holding Aubreys hand while I could only see the upper half of her. Seconds later they lifted up this tiny little red thing that was screaming. I first noticed how much hair he had, I didn't think that babies could be born with so much hair, and so black!(hahah his hair, his HAIR was black.) I watched the nurses do what needed to be done to him while he wailed and wailed. I tried real hard not to cry, but I know I still did.

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