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Friday, October 30, 2009


Plaxico Burress was a professional football player, on his way to the super bowl, super rich. He took an unlicensed gun to a club and shot himself in the leg. Now, due to having an unlicensed gun and taking it into a place of business he is serving two years in prison and completely ruined his NFL career. With the little information I knew I thought what an idiot he was, being in his place and caring a gun around.

I read this quote by him today, after the incident. It made me laugh, and I think it was a good move. That's just me though.

"First of all, you probably don't know anyone who's been shot. I, however, know lots of people who've been shot. In fact, I know lots of people who claim they want to shoot me, and some of these people are technically my friends. So that's why I carry a gun. Second, you people probably trust the goverment, and you probably trust it because your personal experience with law enforcemtnt has been positive. I've had the opposite experience and you can't give me one valid reason why I shouldn't be. So that's why I did not apply for a gun license. Third, I shot myself in the leg, which is both painful and humiliating. What else do I need to go through in order to satiate your desire to see me chastised? The penalty for carrying an unlicensed weapon is insane. How can carying an unlicensed firearm be worse than firing a licensed one? I broke the law, but the law I broke is a bad law. Would you be satisfied if the penalty for unlawful gun possession was getting shot in leg? Because that already fucking happened!"

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