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Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a Fire Fighter, a Witch, and a Monkey.

Aubrey had a debate tournament yesterday down the street at College of Idaho, so I decided to get all three kids ready so that by the time she got home we could head out. Getting three kids into their costumes alone would have been no big deal but what I didn't know was that we would start getting trick-or-treaters at our house at 5pm. They came in huge groups too. So most of them saw a screaming Atticus on the floor and a half dressed Maddie while I handed them their candy. Seeing all the kids coming to our door and seeing the large plate of candy I was giving them got Noah super excited and impatient.

Aubrey was dressed up as a Flapper girl from her debate tournament so I dressed up in a suit with nerd glasses to match? I pushed Atticus in the stroller and Aubrey walked the kids. The few houses with their lights on had lots of decorations that kind of scared Maddie. After about the first house she kept saying 'One more house then we go home?' Noah would have been content to stay out all night. Down our street and back we hit the houses that were lit up and that was about seven or eight. When we got home we told the kids 'One piece of candy before bed is all' what we didn't know was that they would be given fill size Butterfingers. Obvious choice they made.

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