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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is our house haunted?

What first got me was the other night Aubrey and I heard knocking. It was only her, Atticus and I home that night. Atticus had been asleep for hours and Aubrey and I were lying in bed. The knocking would be a few knocks then stop for a minute or two then a few more. It happened a few times. It sounded like it was coming from Atticus' room. Aubrey suggested that I go check on Atticus to see if maybe he was shaking his crib, making the sounds. I went in there and looked at him and he was dead asleep on his stomach. I rocked his crib a few times myself and decided there was no way the knocking was coming from him. I went and laid back down and again, the knocking. The past few weeks before this Atticus has suddenly been staring at the ceiling. He does it like there is something to look at, like he is following something. Well, the morning after the knocking he stared up at the door to the attic which is in his room. As soon as I got him and picked him up he started staring at it. Man! I mean, we as adults are told from early on that ghost and shit like that can't exist, so I believe that if we did ever see something that we couldn't except it because we are too strict on our beliefs about what is real or not. A baby on the other hand is completely open, he does not have any ideas about what exists, what could be his 'mind', what others think is real or imaginary.

Well, last night I had all three kids alone while Aubrey was working. The kids had been asleep for about an hour or two and they are usually pretty good about going to sleep and not screwing around. Well, like I said, they had been in their rooms for about an hour or so, most likely asleep when I decided to take a bath. I was in Aubrey and I's bathroom when I heard a door slam and little foot steps down the hall. I quickly got dressed and ran out into the hall expecting someone. I looked around and saw no one and noticed the big kids bedroom door was closed. I pressed me ear against the door and it was silent in there. I went back and started my bath water, and again, heard the door, running, and this time laughing. I was positive this time I would find someone because I was already dressed, so I bolted out there and again, nothing.

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  1. Keep me posted on the haunted house? issue! I believe in ghosts and saw a ghost when daryl and I stayed at Grandpa and Gramma Spohns old house in So Dakota.