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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ada County Jail Inmate Work Release Center

I had a sheet that told me no hard cover books were aloud inside.. That alone made me nervous. Was I going to possibly be beaten down with a hard cover book that had been keystired in?

That first night I got dropped off Noble was born, and I had nineteen days ahead of me. I, like all my belongings, were inspected. I quickly tried to make friends with the other people getting checked in that night, which worked out nicely because I never made another one. I had to pee in a cup, in an office, while someone watched and then was sent to scramble for a locker in a dark bunker with unknowns that did unknown who were probably trying to sleep, or pretend they weren't there. I laid down and went to sleep only to be woken up at 4:30am to make my bed and have my name verified. I then learned this was a daily occurrence.

The following days I would quietly walk around, keeping to myself, unless I were to bump into that one friend I had made the first night. He eventually saw I needed companionship and taught me the game of Chess.

I learned with hesitation for the game gave me the impression it was hard to learn. To my surprise after one night I had understood enough to where I could play a game. The rest of the month I was there I would hunt this friend down begging him to play as I was too scared to confront any of the others in their clicks.

I read about four books, and ate bag after bag of single bologna sandwich and bag of plain lays chips. The one shared television was always showing UFC fighting. I think my blanket was wool.

In a high pitched tone he would mimic someone from his past; "I don't wanna be an inmate! They're always first!, we're always last!"


  1. My lady does volunteer stuff at San Quentin. they dont fuck around.

    I'm going with her for a tour next month. I'm sort of scared.

  2. I didn't know you actually spent some time there. When I got arrested for resisting arrest, I contemplated checking myself in for a while just to see what it's like. But then I realized I'd probably get beat up.

    I'm glad you made it out ok.