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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making themes making money.

So the past few weeks I have been building BlackBerry themes for people in exchange for money. Themes are how everything works/looks on a BlackBerry. I found out about this free program that builds these themes about a month ago and slowly taught myself how to use it. I built themes for myself like the Simpsons one or Kidrobot ones that I posted earlier. I started sharing them online with other BlackBerry users and people were really liking them. I started having people contact me asking for personal themes that they wanted made of their favorite sports teams or favorite movies or whatever. It occurred to me that I could start making money doing this. I started posting everywhere in forums of other users asking if they had any theme requests and that I would build for them for a donation. I also post themes that I have already made and sometimes it is something multiple people want so I have multiple people paying me for one times work. I set up my PayPal account so that a person can donate to me using a credit card and it allows them to type in their own desired amount. I have made themes for sports teams, musicals, movies or even really basic themes. I have been getting offers everyday and have been keeping myself busy with it. It gives me something to do while Aubrey works. I have had people donate anywhere from $2 to $20 for a theme. It works out well this way because, yes, it could take me an hour to build an LA Dodgers theme and the person I am making it for could only pay me $1 for it if they wanted to, but they are not the only LA Dodgers fan. Another person could come along and want it and the work is already done but they will still pay. I have become pretty quick where I can build a decent looking theme in just about half an hour. I started doing it on December 1st and I looked the other day and I had made $138. I am hoping that I don't run out of customers because I am enjoying doing this, it is easy, fun, and it is always cool to see someone make there phone completely decked out in their favorite hobbies.

Here are some that I have made for other people:

Here are some I made for myself:

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