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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update to our haunted house?

A few weeks ago after I made the earlier post I had two more experiences.

Atticus was sitting in his high chair and I was in the kitchen. It was only him and I home and we were getting ready to eat dinner. Aubrey was at work and was not expected to be home till later in the evening. From Atticus' chair he faces the front door, and in the kitchen I am not able to see it. I was at the stove doing something when I clearly heard the door knob open and the door shut. I looked over my shoulder to see Atticus looking at the front door. I couldn't see the door, but I assumed this sound was clearly Aubrey arriving home early entering through the front door. After a few seconds and no Aubrey I walked to the front door. It was closed. I figured then that we got a flyer on the door and maybe the person that hung the flyer twisted the knob a little.(We get lots of stuff like this in Caldwell). I opened the door and looked, no flyer. I looked around on the ground and in the street, no flyer no person.

A few nights after that while sleeping I woke up to a weird loud sound. It took me a few minutes to register that is was a non dream sound, I was doing one of those dreaming in and out about it things. I then realized that it was coming from the kitchen and sounded like a fire alarm. I woke myself up and walked into the kitchen to find one of the childrens toys that makes noise had randomly come on, loud, and was repeating itself in this annoying loop. The strange thing is that this toy has stopped working since we moved here. The kids turn it on/off, drop it, everything and it has not made a single peep for months, until that time.


  1. I don't even know why you're still living there son.

  2. You need to leave a tap recorder out and see if you get anyone or thing talking into like they do on those shows.

  3. I think that would be awesome if your house is haunted. We should do some ghost investigating!

  4. Sounds like a friendly spirit.