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Monday, November 23, 2009

More Cell Phone Info

As you can see I get super bored being at home and my new hobby is messing with my phone. As you all know Aubrey and I got BlackBerrys. I just figure a phone is something that is close to you all day/night, you look at it literally hundreds of times a day,....I just love making mine unique and sporting the Simpsons and Kidrobot, things I dig.

Well back a few weeks ago after all this messing around with it I 'Bricked' my BlackBerry, meaning that at the time it was unusable in any way. Instead of sending it to insurance I decided to try and fix it on my own. Using the Desktop Manager that comes with the phone I completely 'Wiped' my phone which means that I pretty much electronically cleaned the insides out. Before I did this I backed up all my personal settings on the computer and saved them as a file the phone can read. After I wiped it I had to reload the operating system(OS) on there to even make it usable again. After that I loaded my back up file on to it so that some of my many personal settings were saved(contacts, text logs, memos, calendar dates,....). It was quite a big task, and a scary one, but it worked. Well, after that happened I had been reading about a brand new OS that had leaked out from BlackBerry that hadn't actually been released yet(and still hasn't). I heard it was awesome to use, but you had to install at your own risk. With my previous experience in mind, I went ahead and did it even though I knew it voids the warranty. So I had a unreleased, illegally installed OS on my phone. It had a few new differences, upgrades, faster run time, better battery life so on... It was nice, then I saw you can download consumer made 'Hybrids' that overlap on top of OS to make them even better. These Hybrids are created by random people, real users, who want to change their phones in a way they feel makes them better. Tonight, I went ahead and downloaded a hybrid, which, on its own integrated itself with the 5.0 OS file on my computer, changing small things making them more user friendly, or what have you. From there I had to reinstall the leaked OS onto my phone again, with its man made changes. So now I am running a Hybrid, Leaked, illegally used, updated Operating System on my phone. Can you tell I have lots of time on my hands?

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