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Sunday, November 22, 2009


My good friend Brandon took me shooting yesterday. I knew Brandon back when he was in my Sociology 101 class but I never got to know him. Then this semester Aubrey joined Speech & Debate and he was also a part of it. With the close net bunch the S & D team was, and me being married to one of them, I got to know everyone and Brandon was one of them. it was then that I realized he was a curious dude that was hilarious.

The past few weeks he has been wanting to take me out. He knows that due to my lack of a license that I usually just stay home to not be a bother to Aubrey who would have to drive me. She is more than willing to drive me to Boise or wherever and back, she offers all the time, I just feel wasteful about having her drive me to Boise, drop me off, head home to Caldwell, only to have to return to pick me up later. All this with three children who have a strict bed time of seven thirty. If they were to stay up past that time say to drive me around then they would be miserable the following day. So I usually just decide to stay home and read or watch Curb Your Enthusiasm realizing this is the price to pay for drinking and driving....twice. (Well, getting caught for it twice.)

Brandon had mentioned that he wanted to take his guns out and go shooting before it got too cold and offered that that might be something I would like. He picked me up yesterday and we drove South of Nampa down by the Snake River. I had shot guns previous only once the day before my wedding. My friend Tom has some guns and took me and Owen and we all had an awesome time. Brandon brought some clay pigeons to shoot at. We used this hand held fling thing that would throw them into the sky or out into the distance. We started shooting the 12 Gauge first. I had a few rounds where I hit almost every shot, then I would go back to missing every shot. Brandon was pretty consistent. One time I threw a clay pigeon for him and the wind caught it, and started bringing it back towards us and his car. I yelled 'Shoot it!, shoot it!' and Brandon took two shots at it, missing it both times as it came down, slammed into the hood of his car and shattered into tons of pieces that slid up the windshield. I was scared he would be pissed about a the huge dent filled with orange dust but when I looked over he was hunched over laughing saying "That was f@c$k*ng awesome!" It was pretty awesome. We took a cigar break and choked down those fatties in the car. We got out the rest of the guns and shot at some clay pigeons that we had spread around in the bushes and on the rocks. We used the scope to shoot at those, and I did really well. I had an awesome time. I have never really been interested in guns much, but I enjoyed it.

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  1. my favorite part was "choked down those fatties"