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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Atticus' Swollen Lymph Node

The beginning of January Atticus suddenly grew a large, hard lump under his chin on the right hand side of his face. It was huge, and showed up over night. It was also hard like a rock but not discolored. I decided it was best to call his pediatrician and they had us come in immediatly. We were told it was a swollen lymph node, that bacteria fluid is stored there or something. Atticus was prescribed some antibiotics and was told that it should go down. After a week of the medicine and no change we went back in to the doctor. His doctor tried a different antibiotic this time and the lump slowly got softer, and really red on the outside. We were told to try this new antibiotic for a week and that if the lump didnt come to a head and drain on its own that Atticus would have to have it surgically drained. Well, for poor Atticus' luck it ended up not draining on its own so he had to go into surgery.

He dealt with the surgery really well. He was a little trooper through it, and once we got home he calmed down and he returned to his normal busy self. He now has a large peice of guaze taped to the side of his face which, to my atonishment, he leaves alone. Yesterday, which was the day after the surgery, I bought him a large ball from the dollar store for having to go through all this. He held the ball all through the store, the entire car ride home, and all the way from the car till the door. We go back in today for a check up.

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