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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Atticus

"It's not for you to do as I do rather do as I say.
These footsteps could lead you astray,
lead you to the cell or lead you to a grave,
either way you may never see the light of day.
Don't let my wrongs give you the right away
To emulate my past escaping the lords grasp
told you the truth yet who was I to brag?"

Dear Atticus I can say with ease you are the most important thing in this world to me. Dear Atticus every action I make from here on out is nothing more than to benefit you. Dear Atticus, though sometimes I am there I am not fully there. I will always dedicate my full attention to you. Dear Atticus I wanna see you smile. Dear Atticus. You are my little man and we have our full lives together. Dear Atticus, I wanna apologize that our family could not stay together. Dear Atticus I hope soon we will have our own home together, our base for conquering the world. Dear Atticus, I am always here by your side to keep you out of harms way till death do us part. Dear Atticus, forgive me for my mistakes. Dear Atticus, forgive me for a past I'll have to explain but know that I am sober if for nothing more than for you. Dear Atticus, I am so sorry change has come. Dear Atticus one of the few times I cried tears of joy was seeing you born. Dear Atticus. I have learned more from you than you will ever know. Dear Atticus, let me know I am doing right. Dear Atticus. You are the greatest accomplishment I have ever had, I love taking you to the grocery store. Dear Atticus, you are so far from a burden. Dear Atticus we are a team and I am here for you no matter what. Dear Atticus I love you and I hope life is what you planned. Dear Atticus, let me know the moment you are unhappy. Dear Atticus, I wanna see you smile. Dear Atticus, I love your laugh. Dear Atticus I cant wait to get you up every morning. Dear Atticus you are my best friend and I love you. Dear Atticus can you imagine what the future holds? Dear Atticus, I am so excited to see you grow and become great.

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  1. You are such an amazing dad Kyle! Atticus is the luckiest kid to have a dad like you to raise him.