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Thursday, April 1, 2010


So of course, when Jackass came out on MTV about 10 years ago I had to copy it, just like every other teen. Jackass was a group of twenty somethings hurting and embarrassing themselves on video camera for fun. My stunts and such were a much more mild version compared to theirs, so I dubbed my video 'Donkey'. It has been referred to as a Mormon version of Jackass. Eventually I just toted the video camera around with me in my truck and if something interesting started happening I whipped it out and started shooting. In the end all the editing was done either through the VCR or the TV, random clips compiled together, and things I look back on and shake my head to.

Bare with me, the quality is low. It was taken from a VHS, to a DVD-R, then onto a computer, then broken down from two hours into twenty eight small chunks. I hope you enjoy, and watch out, you might spot yourself.

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