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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


"It been a longgggggggggg, a long time coming, but i knowwwwwwww, change going to come, change going to come, change going to come.'

nights i spent alone i thought
i was a figurine because you
were SO good at standing me up.

i didnt know what true love was before
but i do now.
love is not shown through the actions you do
but the things you wouldn't do.

everyday every night my heart fights with my brain
and my pride.
i know what i should do
know what i shouldnt do
but my feelings usually spill and drip through those cracks.

though i could never verbalize or express
my regrets and insecurities
i know i dont need to for them to be shown.

if only words spoke like actions
we wouldnt have to judge each others
battle royales.

theres never been a pain like being betrayed
by the one you love.

you just dont see how your lies have effected me
im just not the man that i use to be

just going to come out swinging.
going to be coming out swinging.

you can only take these building blocks, good or bad
and make yourself of them.
i have learned my lesson, you need to learn yours.

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