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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sheriffs Inmate Labor Detail.

Well, back in 2007 I got my second DUI. I was put on supervised probation. They took my license away for one year. After the year was up I was required to get an interlock system on my vehicle if I wanted my license back. I didn't want an interlock system (its something you blow into to start your car) so I just didn't get my license. At the time I was married and had my wife do all the driving since I was unlicensed. I only occasionally drove. Well of course, I got caught. I went to court for the driving without privileges charge and got it dropped down to an invalid license charge because I had gone and got my license back in the meantime. So no jail time from that charge, just a fine. So I figured that when I went to see my probation officer that he would let me off the hook since I was now licensed and since the charge had been dropped down. Well, he had to violate me anyways. He told me to watch online for my warrant to come out. Once it did I went and turned myself in and then had another court date for a probation violation. I went to court for that and explained to the judge the situation and he still gave me fifteen days of jail with options. With options I was able to choose to do SILD work which is weeding, picking up trash, and so on.

I have met some funny, decent, interesting people while doing SILD and I am going to miss it. Tomorrow is my last day of the fifteen, but I am sure glad to be done too. I met one guy named Jason Nutty who was the most hilarious guy ever, older guy, really nice average guy, he had me laughing my ass off a few times, totally making the days go by quick. He works at the Knitting Factory. I think I shall go visit him.


  1. Yea for DONE! Did you have to do your 15 days then? Boo if so...:( But hey at least the system worked-you never want to do that again for the sake of son! jmae

  2. Well as of tomorrow yes, it was 15. I have done seven days of it in a row so far. before I was doing 3 days, taking a day off but now I just wanna get it done. the hardest part is being away from atticus. he has been with aubrey while i do this which is good, but i cant wait for him to come back home.