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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Lindsay and I decided to photo document our experience at the Boise Music Festival. I won the high five contest while she won the popularity contest.

We drove our bikes in my truck down to Hyde Park and rode down to Ann Morrison from there. We ate finger steaks and Pronto Pups, while Lindsay informed me that finger steaks are indigenous to Idaho. I still don't know if I believe her, but she explained it was true according to the Food Network. All her friends that are not from Idaho got picture messages of my '...chicken nuggets but with steak instead of chicken..' lunch. We then rode our bikes, meet up with her mother and brothers, rode some more, ate Sno Cones, watched some dancing, then danced our faces off to Macy Gray and Backstreet Boys. Then more bike riding went and saw her fancy office and keys to the city too!

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