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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Roaring Springs.

Peanut and I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings with Atticus and I decided that would be my last meal, two days before Roaring Springs. I almost made it till Lindsay invited me to dinner, yet I remained strong and only had two O'Douls.

My father works for Coca Cola, which is in cahootz with Roaring Springs, so he was able to get Peanut, Sam, Cody and I free day passes, while Noble and Atticus were free. I had my Math 108 final this morning so everyone had to wait on me to finish that before we could go, which worked out well in the end because Atticus got to nap and everyone else got to eat lunch. I showed up with a huge pack, very prepared, food, juice, everything, you name it. I was then told upon entering that I could not bring outside food or drink in, so I told everyone I would have to meet them in there. I then had to lug fifty pound Atticus and all our junk the mile back to the car.

Inside Noble could barely contain his excitement and took off right away with his dad, Cody, to go explore the child water area. Atticus was a bit hesitant, I set him in the water and while I was searching the pool for my friends, I failed to notice that a large bathtub sized novelty bucket was about to poor its full contents of water on Atticus' head. Well it did, and that toppled upon his already hesitant behavior was a bad start to our water filled day. The next hour or so after that was spent by him tugging down at my shorts and fussing. Eventually he warmed up to the water and sat, laid, and rolled around in it. He played and had fun, we all did laps in the river, Atticus sitting on the side of a tube leaning his back against my chest while I balanced him. (An exciting side note while we were in the river, all of the sudden the life guard blew his whistle and jumped down into the water. He came back up holding a drowned child. It ended up being a doll and a training exercise, yet it was still nerve racking to see. His manager then took the soaking wet child, held it by the neck, and walked off with it.) We stayed for quite awhile, when we left Atticus was excited for all the food and drinks we had left in the car. He lounged out with a cold juice on the way back. Since I had not eaten for a few days, I made the two of us a huge meal; Garlic Shrimp & Mushrooms, Popcorn, Hush Puppies, and Fries. We both chowed done and watched toons. I am now about to do my last final of the semester, it is an online final, and once I complete it I am done with classes.

The next two weeks Atticus and I have only each other planned.

(lack of pictures due to the water situation at the water park)

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