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Monday, August 2, 2010


Friday: My last day of work, and the last day of school. As soon as I got off work I picked up Lindsay and her bike, we headed down to Jialdi, where the smell of wine was in the air! Bikes and friends, then food, standing around, and drunk girls, and this very smiley guy we kept bumping into?

Saturday: My parents neighbors had a wooden swing set that they wanted to get rid of and said that we could have it if we wanted. So my dad and I drove the truck down there, and instead of taking it all apart and trying to reassemble it together again, we just tipped it into the bed, and drove off. We did have to walk one large part over actually. It looks really nice in the backyard. Grandma kept Atticus inside till we were all done. He loved the slide the most I think. He is still a bit small for the whole set for now. It looks really good in their backyard, with my mothers plants and planters. We decided to give the metal swing set we had to Noble, Atticus' best friend. So Atticus and I delivered that over there.

I then baked cookies while I waited for that baby to fall asleep. Once I stuffed my belly I headed down to Bad Irish and got to see some good friends and dance to some awesome music, PYT by M.J. ummmm Poisen by Bell Biv DeVoe, Ma$e, just a huge variety of older type music. It was awesome. Some of the best dancing and music I have had in awhile.

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