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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This morning my friend David Hedge and I took our children to play. I had never met his daughter Amberlynn and he had never met Atticus. We went to Borah park and let the children run around and play for an hour or so. They both got along really well and played together a bit. Amberlynn will be 3 in November so she is a bit older than Atticus.

I then thought it would be nice to have them back to my parents to see Atticus' new swing set and let the two play there and snack since they were getting along together so well. The children had snack and played around and threw balls at each other and at David and I. Other than that David and I got a chance to catch up and talk. It was fun and I am hoping that we can get our schedules to line up so we can plan on doing this every other Sunday.

Then, after his nap, Atticus and I went to Cody and Nobles for a bit of a workout and playing. We went back home for steak and corn-on-the-cob then bed. I then went back to Codys for Scrabble with my good friends Ammobox and Peanut, and man we had a good time and played a few good games.

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