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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nother Summer Day

Today started out by the door bell ringing at 9 am. I thought it was a neighborhood kid wanting to buy a soda(we have a soda machine in our garage), but it was the UPS man! HEY UPS MAN!!! He had my new 32GB SDmicro card for my phone. Now I can store days of music, hundreds of thousands of pictures and hours of video on my phone without losing space. Also another book came in the mail today. This morning Atticus and I had some errands to run so we started off by getting some coffee and visiting our two favorite baristas, Peanut and Abbie. At Walmart I decided to try letting him run wild instead of pushing him in the cart. We only had a few things to grab and it worked well. It was much more fun to me and he made plenty of new friends that way. During nap I finished putting the cabinet together then did some reading. I did find an old photo of me smashing a television with and axe today. Atticus took an extra long nap today for whatever reason. After nap it was back outside to play again on the fort. I finally climbed in there, and it instantly made me wanna be in there with him during a summer storm, rain pouring down on the roof, some heat seeping in thru the wood. I would love that. I was jonesing some Mickey D's so Atticus and I jetted out there before heading to Nobles. We went to Nobles to play in the garage with Peanut. Atticus did some dancing after the two of us took some pictures together. He is back to bed now, maybe some rest for dad.

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