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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lazy Wednesdays.

This morning Atticus and I went to the post office to ship off my moms Spirograph that she had me sell on eBay. We then went to Savers and did a bit of shopping. An old man offered to buy one of my items for me, as a gift, saying that it is so nice to see a single dad out there. I declined, but ended up walking out with Atticus still holding his toy while I forgot to pay for it. We then went home for nap, and most likely due to the storm outside him and I both took a long nap. I read some of my book, as I want to finish it so I can start my new ones soon to arrive. After nap Atticus and I headed to Honks for candy. We sat around on the couches snacking with the rain filtered air flowing in through the screen door, that was very refreshing. I got around to adjusting the straps on his car seat to the next level, he is growing. I also hooked up a new DVR for my parents. I then found some old boxes of mine with toys and CD's and notebooks in them. I then posted some old vintage sewing machine accessories for my mother on eBay. I was then looking around on eBay and looked up some of my vinyl designer toys on there. I found two that I had spent maybe $15-20 on were selling for up to $200! They were two I had no connection with so I had to post them, see if I could make a big old profit and buy some new ones. Atticus and I then went into Starbucks for a bit, and he drove his new car toys around the counter for awhile while I drank coffee mistakes. I was so wired that by the time we left I was doing front squats with Atticus on my shoulders. We had some shrimp for dinner. He stayed up late, his new summer hours. I am currently trying to fill up my 32 gigs with music, and am about to read!

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