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Thursday, August 12, 2010


This morning Atticus and I went to Old Navy and I got a pair of jeans and I got him a jacket. They had some fresh converse style shoes, in the kids section. Atticus has a pair like it and they are a pain in but to put on so I didn't get these for him. I liked them so much I was hoping they had them in grown up sizes yet to my disappointment they did not. We went back home to nap and my 'Play Cloe head to toe...' was in the mail! After nap we had plans for Killian and his mom to come over but Killian had the sniffles. Atticus and I headed downtown. We walked to Urban Outfitters, then to Record Exchange and then we headed to Camels Back park to play. I had not realized how long we had been walking or how far Camels Back was from Record Exchange so we stopped at a gas station and I got him an ice cream push pop instead of the park. A good majority of it ended up on him. We then went back home for a bit and my original plan was to put him to bed early for Roaring Springs tomorrow but instead I decided to keep him up later. So we went back to Savers to look for more jeans for me, then to the mall and I got him some Vans just like the ones I had gotten the other day. We went back home and at this point he played outback in the dark while I did some yard work.

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