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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Roaring Springs Again!

Atticus and I went to Roaring Springs for a second time this summer with Noble, Sam, Cody, Peanut but this time David and his daughter Amberlynn came along. It was a lot of fun. Atticus did really well this time, with having completely skipped his nap time. Amberlynn, being a little older than the boys, dragged her dad everywhere around the park so we never saw much of her. Everyone seemed to have a good time and no sunburns. After Roaring Springs Atticus went to nap for most of the day while I went to do a work out with Cody, Peanut and Ammo. Tough workout, but it was a fun one, Cody and I were neck to neck the entire time, which made it enjoyable(we ended up in a tie). I went back home to play with Atticus for awhile in the backyard then put him back to bed. After he was down I put the new bike rack on my car, loaded up the bike and headed to Lindsays. She was out of town all week so it was nice to ride around and catch up with her, though I was just pooped by the end of the day.

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