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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garage Sale

Today my parents had a garage sale to clear out a bunch of stuff. My mother told me that if I ran the thing that she would split the profit with me.

Eight in the morning I sat behind my laptop and the people slowly piled in. We sold stuff that I did not think anyone would have wanted, and some of the stuff that was an awesome buy didn't sell. #ironic

Sam and Cody were out running around so they stopped by with Noble and Atticus got to visit. Life was on reverse because normally, when at Nobles, Noble throws a fit because he does not want Atticus playing with his stuff. There, Atticus gets the pick of the litter of toys, probably makes him feel special. Well, today, Noble strolled in the backyard and Atticus did not want Noble even back there. He threw a fit, claiming the entire place was his. "NO MINE!" Noble enjoyed himself and sat on a few of Atticus' ride on car toys while Atticus looked like he was going to explode. Oh, soon to be two year olds.

After the garage sale Atticus and I loaded up what was left and drove it to Savers then went on to Nobles to play in the garage. Back home for dinner, nite nite, dad tried on his new clothes, went and hung out with friends, now to bed.

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