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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday Funday.

Yesterday my friend Lindsay had a going away BBQ as she is moving to Washington D.C. for her job. Peanut and I were invited to come to the festivities, but it took me forever to decide if I wanted to bring Atticus. I finally did decide to bring him, which I am glad I did. He had fun meeting new people, being cute, and handing rocks to everyone from the rock pile. He was very well behaved and seemed to have fun as well on the tree house in Lindsays backyard. Afterwords Atticus and I went with Peanut to go see Matt and Lubis new apartment, which is quite large and very nice. We spent some time there to eventually go home. He ate a bit again, saw grandma and grandpa and eventually went to bed. He did get a new pair of PJ's, and below are a series of pictures of me TRYING to get a picture of him. I eventually went back to the BBQ and got to talking to someone who read a lot of the same authors I do, and we had other things in common, it was cool talking to him.

Today Atticus and I are staying home to be with grandpa as he had a procedure this morning and needs company. Atticus loves his grandpa.

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