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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Past few day.

This week we started the work on my dads deck with my dad, and my uncle. We are replacing all of the bottom pieces, that are walked on. It was getting old and almost to the point where it was unsafe to walk on.

Yesterday we got all of the painting done, then afterwords Atticus and I went to my school to buy my books and I got him a CWI tee. Today we finished the demolition of the deck with Atticus watching. He was very confused where his deck went. I then had to leave the work to go help Lindsay finish packing and take her to the airport. She is moving to Washington DC for her job. We packed her car full of her stuff, it is being shipped there, while she is flying. I was sad to see her go, we have been having a blast together this summer. She could not turn down the opportunity to move to DC and do accounting for the IRS and Federal Government though, and who could blame her? In a few months she will be back though. I then went back to help more, and had to leave again to take Atti to go stay with his mom-o. Afterwords I headed to the post office to ship a toy. I had bought this designer toy years ago here at the Record Exchange and saw it on eBay selling for tons. I posted mine on there and ended up selling it for about five times what I paid for it. Eventually I got back to work today and we got a good start on laying the new floor boards down on the deck, we should be done tomorrow by lunch.

So anyways, I will post all about the deck and our hard work later.

School starts soon, like Monday soon. I have a math 143 class, which is Pre-Calc, I have a social worker class, I have a social problems class, and a physical geography class. After I take this math class, this social problems class, and this science credit, I will only have one math class to finish to have an associates degree in Sociology! I am pretty excited about this prosper. My adviser suggests that I take a full schedule again next semester even though I will only have one required class left, just some extra classes to impress where I go next, hopefully College of Idaho, in Caldwell.

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