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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deck and Stuff.

Today we finished the deck. My dad, uncle and I were replacing all the bottom boards of the deck. They were very old, and scary to walk on. We tore them off, painted new ones and replaced them with 2X6's this time. We ran into some wood rot, but we did our best to work with that and strengthen the beams that had it. Also, we used my dads fishing boat to transport the wood, I guess another redneck thing we did.

Today Atticus and I went and had dinner with our friend Paige at Idaho Pizza Company. It was fun but after having some sugar someone became quite the handful. After I went home and put Atticus to bed I rode my bike over to Moxie Java to meet my new friend Blake. He is a bio/chemist for Body and so he has a lot of great info on stuff, he also has a discount. He is super smart, and just a cool dude. The best thing though is that he loves to read. It is always a blast to get together and talk about books and our favorite authors.

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