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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yesterday I had to wake up to make it to Codys on time. I push pressed my body weight though(150 pounds). That is where you hold the bar at your chest and press it above your head, five reps I did! I went home and tried to nap but read for most of the day. I really got into my new book and could not put it down. I ran some errands after realizing I could not sleep, then went and pre-danced with Peanut at Codys house. Our good friend Brian Sheffield was DJing down at Catacomb so we had some good music ahead of us. I went and picked up my good friend Paige in the wind storm to come dance. Tons of our friends showed, and the club was empty otherwise, so as Cody Facebooked, 'nothing better than having your own personal club and your own personal DJ'. I must have danced to some five hundred thousand songs. This morning I finished my book, school starts tomorrow. Oh, and going to go see the Dedicated Servers preform today @ BSU.

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