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Sunday, August 22, 2010

DS Show with Cigs.

Today the Dedicated Servers performed at BSU for the Get Rec'd and Recover event. I went and picked up my friend Abbie and we met Sam, Cody and Noble there. It was fun watching them perform again, though the sound system sounded terrible. Afterwords we all went out to ice cream at Delsas. Good times, it was nice to spend time with Abbie as I have not seen her for awhile, and she is leaving the country for a month. The weather was wonderful outside at Delsas and we all joked around and exchanged stories, I enjoyed that. I am exhausted this week has worn me down, the weekend wore me down more. I am ready to relax and read and get ready to go to school tomorrow! Atticus is with his mom-o this weekend, I guess he went camping and was a good boy. I am heading after class tomorrow to go get my little man.

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