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Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Week of Class.

First week of class has gone pretty smooth. I have class everyday of the week, so I stay busy. I have not gone to my Friday class yet, but I'm sure it will be a fun one too. I am nervous for math, but I will make it. Just need to buy a graphing calculator.

I got my Dedicated Servers shirt yesterday. The Dedicated Servers is a hip hop group that my friends are in, you can download their newest album here online for only $9.99

Atticus was a bit sickly this Monday. He threw up a bit in the morning but I did not even notice it or hear it till I walked to where he had done it. Then we drove all the way to Nampa to return a very expensive book that had to be returned that day or it could not be and right as we parked her threw up all over himself! Took like 100 wipes to clean him up enough to get him out of the car, changed his outfit and took him in to return the book. Later that day I had class and when I go home I laid down on the couch and he came and curled up on my legs and passed out. He was a little heat ball, so warm. He seems to be better and in a chipper mood now.

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