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Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Weekend.

Busy tiring weekend. After I put Atticus down to sleep Friday I went to my friends and we were planning on playing Scene It then Scrabble but ended up doing Head Stand Push-ups and Double Clap Push-ups online all night with a puppy, long story why we did. I was exhausted. We finally played our games which was a blast, haha, a very fun night. Saturday during Atticus' nap I took a quiz that I was nervous about but it went well! Class has been going great this semester and I am enjoying my classes and teachers. I bought a HP Netbook, one of those little laptops, I had it custom made all white, and I have been toting that around like crazy. I also was due for an up-grade on my phone so I am running around with the new BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry for life! After his nap Saturday Atticus and I went shopping with our friend Peanut and bought some new clothes. It was hot and he finally melted down. Later that night I went and chilled with a friend and she had me watch a movie, we had fun. I then went and had a photo shoot with a friend then some more Scrabble with a famous comic book artist and writer, no joke, Marvel is currently having her redesign the Iron Man outfit. Anyways, more Scrabble racked my brain. On top of the crazy night and Scrabble the night before I was dead. This morning Atticus and I promised Grandma and Grandpa we would go to their church with them, so we did. I dressed up, looked like Pharrell Willams was there. Atticus was very well behaved in the childrens care area. After his nap today the two of us went for a walk, then for a bike ride. He enjoyed the bike ride the most I had ever seen, rubbing his head against the mesh net that keeps him in his trailer, he thought that was hilarious. I did some online shopping, homework then took him outback and we made water balloons. He was so confused and terrified when the water balloons would explode and disappear. He would not give up the water balloons that did not explode so he took them to the bath. I had to make them explode in the bath otherwise I knew he would have wanted to take them to bed. Tomorrow morning while I have class, his Aunt Chelsi is watching him with her daughter, his cousin, Peyton. I know he will enjoy himself and this seems like it will be the set routine this semester for my Monday and Wednesday classes that I was trying to get figured out. Hope it goes well, sure it will. After class Atticus and I have some errands to run, then hopefully to go play with Noble and Cody. See what this week brings! As for now, I am going to relax with popcorn and reading. I got some books in the mail, books about advertising that I am loving, going to read till I sleep. I have his birthday party all planned out for not this upcoming weekend but next, and I am getting pretty excited, I hope he really enjoys it.

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