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Monday, September 13, 2010

Babysitting and DeadLifts

So today was the first day I took Atticus to his new sitter he will be going to while I have my day class on Monday and Wednesdays. I took him to his cousin Peytons house so his Aunt Chelsi could watch him. He cried a bit when I dropped him off but before I even made it to class she sent me a picture of him and Peyton dancing in front of the television. When I went to pick him up Chelsi told me he was very well behaved and the three of them stayed very busy. They finger painted, and of course, Atticus had to taste the paint, they took a bath and had their dance party. Needless to say he was not ready to leave when I came to pick him up! We eventually left and headed to Codys so daddy could workout. I felt bad skipping his nap but things went well. He played and was very well behaved while Cody, Peanut and I worked out. He was so well behaved Cody and I decided to see our max Dead Lift weight. It had been one of my goals for a few months to be able to Dead Lift twice my body weight so I attempted it today, since last time I did it I was only seventy pounds away. A Dead Lift is where the bar and weight sit on the ground and you lift the weight up to your waist line. At first you use your legs then your lower back to bring it all the way up. So, twice my body weight is roughly three hundred pounds. I had done two hundred and thirty pounds last time, and it was fairly easy so I figured I would be possible. I worked my way up and did it! Cody had to show me up though and he Dead Lifted three hundred and ninety five pounds. It is amazing for me to reach these goals because when I first started working out back about seven or eight months ago, Cody and I did Dead Lifts and I could barely do one hundred some pounds, and when I did that, I remember not being able to lift Atticus the next day or being able to walk up the stairs. Anyways, my Wonder Hangers came in the mail today so Atticus and I are going to organize Daddys closet!


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