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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Car Broken.

Atticus stayed at the sitters this morning while I went to class. I headed to pick him up and in the neighborhood my car randomly shut off. I turned it back on and it screeched real loud, like the belts did, and it shut off again. I started it up again and this time smoke started pouring out from under the hood. I popped the hood and looked around and everything seemed okay. I then started to smell melting plastic or something. I started the car one last time and learned I suddenly had no power steering. I made it to pick up Atticus and we went and met Grandpa at the automotive shop. Hopefully this isn't too expensive, I just dropped a few hundred dollars on this car. Anyways, in Grandpas truck I took Atticus to his mom's for an over night with her, though his car seat does not work well in Grandpas truck. Workout here soon then going to hang with a friend tonight.

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