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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I went and picked up Atti this morning then we went home and cooked a large early lunch. After eating I tried napping him yet he did not nap. We did a bunch of laundry and then he finally napped when I tried a second time. I got a bit of homework done then I posted a bunch of old clothes I never wear anymore on eBay to try and make some money to buy new clothes with! Love the clothing! I then had math class and then Atti and I went to Noble and Codys while Noble and Atticus played and Owen, Cody and I did a miserable workout. Tomorrow I am not sure what the plans are other than I have class. Atticus goes to his mom's for the weekend then when he comes back home Sunday I am taking him Trick-or-Treating! I have been repeating 'trick or treat' all week in hopes that he gets it down.
Oh, and I got my car back yesterday evening. The belt for the power steering had come off and gone missing.

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