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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kitty in the Tree.

Yesterday morning I went out to help my father rake pine needles in the yard and saw a few kittens playing in the driveway of a house up the street. I then went on a bike ride around town. When I made it back home I saw some of the neighborhood kids standing in our side yard playing around one of our trees. I had my headphones on and just rode past without thinking much of it. I then headed out to go see a friend and when I left saw the kids still standing looking up the tree. When I made it home later in the evening to get dressed up to go out for the night I heard a small meow right out my window. I looked and saw my sister and her boyfriend looking up that same tree. I ran outside and there was a tiny kitten stuck way up in the tree. Chad had tried climbing the tree a few times to rescue the kitten but that only made the thing flee further up the tree. So I went and got some lunch meat, Chad got the ladder, and we trapped the thing on a branch between us, Chad on a ladder, me in the tree with fresh lunch meat. He was so cuddly, we wanted to keep him but I knew where his real home was.
I got Atticus a sweet t-shirt at Hot Topic yesterday. I think it is an adult female shirt but it is extra small, so it looks like it will fit just fine.
I had a blast last night as shirtless dancing Elton John. Today I am keeping it low-key with laundry and homework. Atticus is coming back home tonight so I can take him trick-or-treating as a hamburger, pics to come. Then I have a scary movie night tonight.
Atticus goes back to his mom-o's for Monday and Monday night. We are switching our arrangements around a bit so that she will still have him every other weekend but now instead of Wednesdays for an over night she will have him Mondays for an overnight. It will be hard for me to have him gone three days in a row now instead of two like it use to be. Owell.

Maybe taking him to Monkey Business soon and also met up with some old friends last night that now have two kids we might meet up with soon to play.
Oh..and I shaved this morning for No Shave November. I am not going to shave my face(with the exception of my beard) for the entire month of November. I hope I get a decent looking beard going...


  1. OH man Noble wants to go to Monkey Business so badly so if you go let us know that would make his day!

  2. For sure. It is Abs idea so I we are waiting for a day that she has off and I don't have school.