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Friday, October 22, 2010


I am gassy right now. Put Atticus to bed, he went right to sleep, as he skipped his nap today. This morning he and I went and met Owen at Starbucks for a bit then the three of us went thrift store shopping. I got Atticus a cool cardigan, but once I got home and put it on him it looked too Christmasy. He was then supposed to nap but did not, I had to take off to class though so he stayed back with Grandpa. After class I came and got him and we got some fresh produce from the neighborhood guy to give to Sam and Cody. Nice little workout over there, then Atti and I stopped in at Albertsons to pick up a few things and ran into a guy I use to know and talked with him for a bit. Atti was super friendly with everyone at the store, as always. Took a bath and I put him down. I am thinking up pumpkin carving ideas for tomorrow, I am not feeling very creative so I will just go with something basic. Tomorrow morning I think we will carve his pumpkin together, pics of that to come. Well, I am off to hangout with my friends.

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