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Thursday, October 21, 2010

After Dinner.

After nap today I rode my bike to math class while Atti stayed back with Grandma. After class Atticus and I went shopping to get him some new jeans. He has a few pairs, but I wanted to get him some new nicer jeans. First we went to Target and found two pairs there then we walked over to Ross and I got him a pair of tight legged hipster Calvin Klein jeans. On the way home in the neighborhood I was thinking of what to cook for dinner and at about that time we passed this guys house that sells fresh produce in his front yard that he grows in a small field next to his house. I decided to stop and get some vegetables. The guy recommended some peppers he said were not hot, they were sweet, and he claimed that a lot of Greek restaurants fry them up with just some olive oil and Italian seasoning and sell that plate alone for tons. So I got some of those, a bell pepper and the grapes that Atti was snacking on while this gentlemen and I chatted. When we got home Atti and I snacked on the grapes, and oh man, they were delicious! Best grapes I have ever had. I then fried up those peppers like the guy said to and those were so good too. I later added in some chicken, Atti and I had a great dinner tonight.

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