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Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Tires New Oil.

Yesterday after class Atticus and I went and visited his mom for awhile. Then Atticus and I had a McDonalds craving so we went to eat. After dinner I took Atticus on a long walk around the neighborhood. He was still strung out so I chased him around the house until he crashed out for bed. Today we went and got new tires for daddies car. My front two tires were worn down terribly to the point where I was scared of driving on them. Les Schwab had a nice little play area that kept Atti entertained while we waited. After that I was on a 'fixing my car' kick so we went and got my oil changed as well. Basically today we dropped a few hundred dollars on my car, blah. He is now napping and I am soon off to take a math test, then we are off to Codys.

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