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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paige Tatum and Starbucks.

This morning Atticus and I ran some errands then we went into Starbucks to visit our friends. Then our other friends, Paige and Tatum ended up showing up to join us! Tatum brought in a bunch of toys for her and Atticus to play with while Paige, Nut and I got to visit. We stayed a while because the kids were very well behaved. Atticus and I went home so he could nap and surprisingly I got a decent amount of homework done, as last night the internet connection at the coffee shop was not working AT ALL, so I got nothing done. Class was canceled today because the teacher is sick so after nap we ate then went shopping to Nike Outlet, Marshalls, Ross, then Old Navy. I got Atticus some new warm jeans with flannel inside among new socks and a few other things for us. Now we are chilling before we head off to dinner with my boys! Tomorrow while I have class Atticus is going to his Aunts house to spend time with her and his cousin Peyton who he talks about constantly. Then he has an over night with his mom and I am going to go do more homework with Nut and Owen probably.

On the drive home today I turned around to find him reading the Promenade pamplet from last weekend. "When do New Transit and Dedicated Servers play daddy?" (i pictured him asking.)

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