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Monday, October 11, 2010

This Morning.

Well this morning while I had my social problems class I took Atticus to Jamies so she could watch him for me. Jamie has two little boys, one to turn 5 soon, one to turn 1 soon, and they are both super cute and friendly. I had taken Atticus over there this past Friday to visit them and get to know her house so he would not be freaked out the first time there without me. It all went well and Atticus and Josiah kicked a ball around on the deck. Well I got there today and Josiah, the older one, greeted Atticus with some toys. I said my goodbyes and left. I got onto Facebook when I got to class and Jamie said that Atticus was drinking his bottle, standing there just staring and watching them. hahah. Sounds like him. He ended up playing and having a good time, he was glad to see me when I got there to pick him up. We went home and napped then Aunt NeNe came home and Atticus played with her while I cleaned up a bit. We then went to our friend Nobles house and played around in the garage. We just got home from Nobles and that tired boy went to bed. Tomorrow Atticus and I are running some errands, then I have Math class, then the two of us are going to go out to eat with our friends at one of daddies favorite restaurants! As for tonight I am off to coffee with my good friend Owen to catch up on life.

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