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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday Atticus and I went over in the morning to Cody and Nobles to workout. Owen was finally able to join us, it was his first workout with us since he has gotten back from the Air Force. Atticus wore his sweatsuit over there and also wore a metal dog collar with it just to look extra cool. After workout we went home and Atticus was supposed to nap but instead laid in his bed and talked for an hour and half. So I decided he was not going to nap and we headed over to Twin Dragon for our friend Jarads birthday. I was weary of taking him out to a restaurant since he had not napped but it went surprisingly well. He at pot stickers, pork and seeds, and some of my spicy rice. He has a spicy taste bud like his dad. After our late lunch we went home and cleaned up a bit and ended up playing soccer down the hall for a good amount of time. I put him to bed and then went to watch some of the BSU game with Tom and Jarad then went and picked up Cody and Owen to head downtown to meet Peanut and Matt for the K-os concert at the Knitting Factory. It was an alright show, K-os was lazy because it was a small turn out. This morning Atticus and I went and visited our friends at Starbucks then we went grocery shopping and got a pumpkin! I think we are going to carve his pumpkin soon! I am excited because I do it using power tools!!

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