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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shoes and Promenade.

Yesterday I trailed my friends the Dedicated Servers around while they performed a few shows. I took Atticus to the first show of the night they had for Breast Cancer Awareness month outside of Tullys downtown. Atticus really enjoyed watching the break dancers that showed up and he wanted to mimic them so bad. I took him home and put him to bed after that. My sister and father were home so I went back and met my good friend Owen, who is back in town, at the Dedicated Servers last show which was at the VAC. It was good to visit and catch up with Owen. Late night after that and I had to get up early with the boy. We then went and got him a new Halloween costume today at Old Navy. He then went and napped and I napped as well. After nap we went and visited our friend Jamie and her two boys Josiah and Truman because she is going to be doing a bit of baby sitting for me while I have class on Mondays. I wanted to take him over there so he could get adjusted to her house andher and her boys so he would not be freaked out the first time. After that Atticus and I went and visited my friend Peanut and Leah and worked out for a bit while Atticus played with Peanuts toys and joined us in the garage. And my Play Cloths x Pro Keds 69er shoes came today! Tomorrow we are back to Codys then I am not sure what Atticus and I will get into the rest of the weekend.

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