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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abbies Birthday.

Yesterday morning I went and picked Atticus up from his mom-o and we headed home. We hung out and made a mess of the house. He took a nap and Grandma came home so I could head off to my math class. She took him out grocery shopping. After my math class I came home and got dressed up and spent a bit more time with Toad before heading off to my friend Abbies birthday. Earlier in the day Atticus made her a birthday card, and I am pretty sure it was the greatest thing ever because all night she kept assuring me of its safety with her friend ;).

Anyways, I met up with her and tons of other people downtown at Bardenay for dinner. I had never actually eaten there, and was glad I finally did because it was delicious! Had a blast there chilling with all our friends and joking around and such. At that point Peanut decided it would be a fun idea to check every single person 'in' via Facebook just to be annoying. That became the trend for the night for him and I for every single place we went. As usual Peanut and I started dancing and even though we were doing basic dance moves, and at one point Peanut was even doing push-ups and burpees, everyone thought we were just amazing. haha I had a blast. My friend Kimber, who thinks Atticus is just the cutest thing ever, came with a friend that everyone said was one of the last 4 contestants left on CW's Americas Next Top Model. I didn't believe it though. She had that model look, but she was super friendly and cool, and in Boise, Idaho. I looked online today and it was no lie. Anyways, last night ended up to be a super fun night dancing with friends and doing stupid stuff.

Today Atticus went with his cousin Peyton and Aunt Chelsi to the library while I had class. After class Chelsi made us all lunch while I fended off her horse of a dog. Next week equals no school, I am so excited for that! Just hang out with Atticus all week, read and relax. Anyways, he is napping, and when he wakes it is dinner, then to Nobles then we are heading down to BSU to see our friends the Dedicated Servers preform. Oh, my Threadless book came today!

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