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Monday, November 15, 2010

Moment in Rhyme.

My friends the Dedicated Servers do a Moment in Rhyme every week, where they take a beat and freestyle over it. Freestyling, if you don't know, is where you rap with nothing previously written or planned for what you are about to rap about. I was surprised when they both said that I could jump in and do it, and I ended up having a blast. That night mannnnnnn, did my abs hurt from Reconstruction the precious day or from laughing with my boys that night, I don't know. Here is the video of what came to be...(Thanks Peanut and MC_MD)

Well yesterday I had some homework to catch up on that I had been putting off. I went and bought a bag of beef jerky and a big ass Rockstar and sat down and took a test and started writing a paper that was due. Francis ended up calling me and I met him and Peanut at the Starbucks downtown to finish my homework. We all hung out there while my laptop crashed, Peanut edited music, and Francis continually took phone calls that interrupted his text messaging.
Today I went into class, and we got to spend the whole class time in our groups working on our group projects. Hahah, I had fun, I have a good group. Headed home, napped, ate, watched TV, then my friend Renee and I registered for classes, I am excited because, sadly, we both might be taking, I mean, REtaking the same math class next semester with each other. That means her and I and Peanut and Ammo would all be in the same level of math all the same semester, and we could all help each other! Anyways, I signed up for a communications class she is in and suggested. I hope I can make the baby sitting work out this next semester, feels like I just barely got it figured out this time. I am thinking about taking an early morning yoga class one day too, as Cody noticed one day during a yoga exercise we all did how stiff I am. lols. Anyways, I am missing Atticus like crazy, SO excited to go pick him up tomorrow morning and go into Crazy 8's and pick out our outfits for our photoshoot with Jeanne in a few weeks. I am not sure what Atticus and I will do the rest of the week, but our friend Lindsay comes back soon to visit!!

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