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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unicorns, I Love My Coffee.

My friend Jeanne has been wanting a vinyl collectors toy that I have, she has been obsessed with it ever since she saw my pictures of it. Well, she contacted me again earlier this week wanting it, well, actually she wanted a picture of Atticus with it. She is a photographer, and somehow we came to a deal that if she takes photos of Atticus and I that I will give her the toy. I am excited, since it is holiday time I am planning on doing some sort of cutesy holiday look for the pictures, maybe to give to our family. That is in a few weeks when we get to go do that. Until then, instead of taking a picture of Atticus with the toy, I made her a video...

Friday I took Atticus over to his moms house because it is her weekend with him. His brother and sister, Noah and Madeline were there and I had not seen them, nor sat down and spent any real time with them, in awhile. They use to be so much a part of my life, and I was there with them for the first few years of their lives, and they still mean very much to me. It was nice to see how they have grown since I have had them under my wing. Noah, being only a kindergartner, reads so well! He read a bit of a book to me while I was there, and I saw him sounding out the words and really using his abilities to read the book to me, I was amazed. Madeline, is so big, finally out of diapers and such a good big sister to Atticus, constantly tattling on him. I enjoyed my time there, eating dinner with them, and stayed to help Aubrey put all the wee ones to bed since her boyfriend was out of town, and hung out and watch some football with the her. I know I say it often but there are times when I am glad we are able to be friends, my ex-wife Aubrey and I, and I am glad we are able to put everything behind us and get along. I enjoyed hanging out with her and watching the Vandals get smashed, joking around and giving her a hard time, I had fun. I head back over Tuesday morning to go pick him up, but man, I am missing him like crazy and hope Monday turns into Tuesday.

This week I have a friends birthday party, which I am excited to go to as I think a few of my friends are also coming with. I am also hoping to go shopping for Atticus and I for some clothes for our photo shoot with Jeanne this week. I am also wanting to start working this week on his other Grandmas gift that I am planning on making for her, the scratching post/condo thing for her cats. I also received super exciting news about one of my most favoritest people ever last night. Oh my, Atticus will be stoked when I tell him.

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