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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Burger.

Trick-or-treating went really well. My sister asked if she could come walk with Atticus and I while he went door to door, so the three of us headed out once it got dark enough. The first house or two he was very confused what was going on but eventually caught on very quick. One of the first houses also had let him grab the candy out of their bowls that they were handing it out of. So Atticus felt this was normal for all houses. Once the person came to the door and saw him, they would kneel down to be on his level and once the bowl was low enough he found it his place to hurry the process and just pick his candy himself lacking the sentence "Trick or treat" all together. It sounded like a few times that I had got him to say "Trick or treat" or "Happy Halloween" but mostly he just enjoyed being lifted up to ring the doorbell, picking his candy himself then say "Bye, good luck, bye bye, have fun." We made sure to go see some of my parents friends around the neighborhood, and my aunt and uncle too who live just up the street. We walked a lot further than I had expected we would, once he got the pattern down and realized what was going on he was content just to keep going on. Eventually we headed home and I took him to a friends house just a neighborhood away because her parents have met Atti a few times and they think he is just the greatest, so I thought it would be cute to surprise them and ring their doorbell.
I let him have some candy before bed, then he played with cars and crashed out. Today he is off to his mom-o's for the day then I am not sure what his and I's plans are all week.

Lolz, random short video of him eating candy...

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