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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This morning I picked Atticus up from his over night at his mom-o's and when I got there he was still sleeping. We walked in on him and woke him up. Ahhh sleepy little Toad. Aubrey sent us on our way with his tooth brush so Atti brushed his teeth the entire way home. We stopped for a snack and coffee then we were off to go grocery shopping for diapers. I have been buying the expensive diapers now, as I used to use the cheap ones. I have noticed with the name brand diapers they hold better, and smell better, and are less noisy when he walks and I can only assume are more comfortable for him. As for diapers for bed time I buy the ones specifically for night. They seem to be super absorbent and work much better for night when he pees who knows how many times. They may be a bit expensive but it is worth it waking up to a dry baby where it use to be that I would wake up to him looking like he had been dipped in a tub of water, and his needing new sheets every morning.
As for potty training people have been asking me. I have learned from my own experience that it is better to wait till he is ready. I am in no race with anyone to have him potty trained the earliest like I'll win something. He doesn't go to a daycare so there is no hurry to get him out of diapers so I will wait till he shows an interest probably around the age of three. When I was there to help his mom potty train Atticus' older sister we started her at a young age because she was always such a smart little girl and we figured it would be a breeze. Well it backfired for whatever reason, either she did not take it serious because she was young, or she just became defiant because she was not ready.
Yesterday evening I got a call from Aubrey's phone and when I answered heard a little voice talking to me. I could understand it very well, "I went for a ride", and everything else I heard the voice saying I was sure it was Atticus' older sister Madeline talking. Finally Aubrey got on the phone and told me it was actually Atticus! I was surprised! He is talking so well, I didn't even realize, I guess till he is put to the test and forced to talk on a phone that it really shows. Aubrey then told me he had been carrying around a picture of Owen and me all day talking about me, oh so sillys.
P.S. Atticus' mom-o has started doing make-up for weddings, for photography, or any other special occasion and such, here is her blog if a make-up artist is something you are in need of or know someone who is it has info on here how to contact her. It is called Electric Kitsch.
Well I just got home from my math class and Atti and I are off to Bath and Body Works to get a gift card as a thank you for a relative that has been helping me out a lot this semester with watching Atticus while I have class. I am sure I will end up doing some other shopping as we will be out there by Ross, Marshalls, and Old Navy. Lots of plans for Atticus and I tomorrow, or not...we will see how things turn out.

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