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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lindsay Day!

My friend Lindsay returned into town from Washington D.C. where her job is for the next few months. Or years, who knows. Anyways, she asked that I dedicate one day this week to a 'Lindsay Day', for us to go do stuff. I decided Mondays work best for me as that is the only day that I am Atticusless. I took that baby to his mom-0's then took off and headed to Lindsays. Her house was full of relatives, and family, and the new dog Simba! Lindsay was still getting ready so we got caught up and exchanged stories about friends and such. Then I needed my daily coffee so we went to go visit Peanut and Tom at work, and she finally got to meet Abbie. We hung out there for a bit, then we had to go buy my Kanye West album that got released yesterday. I got the bonus edition with the DVD version of Runaway on it. GGGgyeah boy! After that, and after seeing a car accident, we went downtown to eat. Bardanay for lunch, and again, we had to exchange stories and such. In retelling stories from my life I learn things. Lindsay bought my lunch too! What a good friend. After we were done eating we went into her old job and visited some of her old coworkers, then we ran across the street to Record Exchange. We then went to the mall but neither of us bought anything. After the mall we headed back downtown to Urban Outfiters and Ann Taylor Loft. haha the girl working at Ann Taylor was so awkward. She pretty much called Lindsays clothes she was buy from there 'old lady clothes', she offered for me to go into the changing room along with Lindsay while Lindsay changed, and at one point cursed at the ringing phone, in front of us and other customers. Pretty much I want to go back. More coffee at Tullys and some BSU shopping after that.
Once the day was over I laid down listening to the new Kanye(which is amazing by the way. Getting 10 out of 10 ratings left and right and I agree!) and crashed out till this morning.

I went and picked Atticus up this morning and we came home to help grandma shovel the driveway. After we were done I pulled him around the block in his sled, which took forever because he kept falling out, haha. Another lowkey day today, tonight we all might go out!

Tomorrow morning I think I am supposed to meet Atticus' cousin and Aunt at the library to let the little ones play! Then later tomorrow I am excited to go on a date with my new friend Lexi and hang out with her, depending on the roads. I hope she lets me drive her PT Cruiser, maybe drive it!! Thanksgiving is going to be here soon!

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